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I am in a few cleaning and organisation groups (don't laugh) and someone shared an article about the things around the house that we forget to clean... The first one was the can opener (weird), then there was the toaster crumb tray (forgot about this part), THEN it was HOUSEPLANTS! Now this one I can get behind!

If you can't remember the last time you wiped down your houseplant leaves, then the time is NOW. Keeping your foliage nice and clean does wonders for the life of your plant and the cleanliness of your home! When the leaves are clean it allows your plants to better photosynthesize and helps keep some pests at bay! Hooray!

Using a very soft, microfibre cloth, and ONLY water, carefully wipe away the dust. Remember to gently support the opposite side of the leaf while you clean.

A lukewarm shower for the extra dusty ones is not a bad idea, but do that early in the day so your plants aren't left wet and cold overnight! Happy Cleaning!!!

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